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I love him so much :]
He is my sunshine to warm my day, my cloud to shade me when its too hot.
Life would not be the same with out him. It just wouldn't exist.
I cant even begin to explain how much I care for him, more than I care for anyone, anything. Everything.

Lovels :}
Why do I do it to myself? My throat is parched, my face sticky with tears, my eyes burning like fire from the tears. I stay up becasue I dont want to sleep. Sleep wont visit me tonight anyway. My art is my therapy.
You truly are my dirty little secret. Because I would tell people about you if you werent.
So I dunno, life seemed to have straightened out a bit *knock on wood* certain parts yes, others no. Im excited bc our german partners are coming from in Germany in less than a moth so I am REALLY looking forward to that. My old bf and I are seeming to start to get along somewhat ok now which is good. My other ex bf called me yesterday, gave me about the shock of my life. Having dinner w him on Saturday... yeah still not quite sure about that. Um, then theres this guy... yay, yeah, I like him a lot but we dont really talk that much, we do when were driving together but say at school, yeah not so much, makes me sad. ANd he even said that we should hang out some time but he never called me *sigh* I just hope he doesnt call this weekend bc I am all busy. Ok, well, I would really like it if he called but then I would have to say no to him at that moment which would uch, I am wayyyyy to overanalytical. Ok, well I just wanted to type that bc my previous journal was rather depressing... Lovels! :]
So I really am not liking things right now, they just suck, I mean, certain aspects are pretty cool, but teres just this GIANT shadow over everything I do. Its the last thing I think about before I go to sleep, keeping me from sleep and the first thing I think about as soon as I wake up in the morning. It just Sucks.
I just feel so fucking betrayed! I dont see how anyone could be so insensitive and just I guess a bit self centered. I mean, how dare you! Its just incredibly, uch, I dunno. horrid. Its basically the number one rule, and it was broken.